Housing the Consumer Financial Protection Agency at the Federal Reserve Would Be a Grave Mistake

Advocates speak out about proposal to axe independent consumer protection agency

Washington, DC – Today, John Taylor, president & CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition made the following statement in reaction to the news that key senators are considering housing the Consumer Financial Protection Agency at the Federal Reserve:

“The Federal Reserve is the last place an agency designed to protect consumers should be housed. It will be more waste of taxpayers’ money because we’ll have to pay for the appearance of protection without getting any."

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President Obama Announces Additional Help for Homeowners

Washington, DC – Last Friday, President Obama announced a $1.5 billion commitment to help alleviate some of the foreclosure and housing problems facing five states, Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada.

John Taylor, President & CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, applauded the Administration for focusing on these states, which have each experienced major declines in home values due to massive numbers of foreclosures. “The American people should be pleased that TARP funds are being put to use to help homeowners, not just to bail out Wall Street.”

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Change the American People Can Get Behind

President Obama announces tougher measures to reform the financial system

Washington, DC – Yesterday, President Obama announced a tougher stance on financial reform. John Taylor, President & CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, made this statement:

“President Obama is to be commended for taking a tough stand with the financial industry. This is change the American people can get behind. The President has poked a hole in the bubble of denial that seems to be enveloping Washington; we need stronger financial reform measures. A banking lobbyist expressed concern today with the President’s ‘turn in tone’ but Americans are concerned with Washington’s ‘bankers know best’ mentality. It’s time for Congress to follow the President’s lead and stand up for working people, instead of taking their cues from the banks’ highly-paid lobbyists. It won’t be easy. The financial services lobby will expand its efforts to kill legislation and regulatory changes favorable to consumers. Consumer and community advocates must redouble their efforts to win meaningful financial reform.”

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HAMP Can’t Keep Pace With Foreclosures; Stronger Action Needed Now


NCRC Once Again Calls For Mandate on Bank Loan Modifications

Efforts to keep Americans in their homes sink, as industry lobbyists work to kill efforts to remedy the damage caused by financial crisis

Washington, DC – As Wall Street bonus season begins, the foreclosure crisis continues into its fourth year largely unabated; last year saw ten straight months of over 300,000 foreclosure filings, and a cumulative 2.8 million homes that went into foreclosure last year, according to Realty Trac. Today’s news that only 66,000 borrowers have received permanent loan modifications under the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) confirm that the existing responses to the foreclosure crisis can not keep pace with the number of Americans losing their homes. Meanwhile, financial lobbyists continue to fight against strong measures to provide effective oversight of the financial system and mitigate the damage caused by reckless and irresponsible lending and securitization practices, even as their CEOs told the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on Wednesday that they support financial regulation.

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