Axios: Millennials are moving to the exurbs in droves

Axios, June 10,2018: Millennials are moving to the exurbs in droves

Yes, but: As more and more millennials marry and have children, that presumption is coming under scrutiny.

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What’s happening: The forecast of global massive urbanization was important since it suggested that vast swaths of countryside would empty out, and we would adopt entirely new lifestyles.

  • But, in a mea culpa at BrookingsWilliam Frey, a demographer, said that, based on new census data, he has changed his mind on what he thought was a mass urbanization trend. He still thinks that cities will attract “young people — especially well-off, affluent millennials and post-millennials.”
  • “But this won’t be most cities,” he tells Axios. “And, for this younger generation, what I see is more clustered developments within the suburbs, and smaller metros, greater reliance on public transportation and perhaps ride-hailing and self-driving cars.”
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