Next City: Raising the bar for local economic impact of affordable housing

With its office about two and a half miles away in another part of Brooklyn, Williams’ JW Electric Corp. is a certified minority-owned subcontractor hired to set up the building’s electricity. The firm got $5.1 million in subcontracts for CAMBA Gardens II, its largest contract since Williams founded the business in 2002. The project employed up to 25 of his workers — most of them Brooklyn residents.

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The New York Times: How the suffrage movement betrayed black women

Historians who are not inclined to hero worship — including Elsa Barkley Brown, Lori Ginzberg and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn — have recently provided an unsparing portrait of this once-neglected period. Stripped of her halo, Stanton, the campaign’s principal philosopher, is exposed as a classic liberal racist who embraced fairness in the abstract while publicly enunciating bigoted views of African-American men, whom she characterized as “Sambos” and incipient rapists in the period just after the war. The suffrage struggle itself took on a similar flavor, acquiescing to white supremacy — and selling out the interests of African-American women — when it became politically expedient to do so. This betrayal of trust opened a rift between black and white feminists that persists to this day.

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American Banker: The crisis isn’t over

As a result, they went underground. Instead of advocating directly, they started to use community institutions “as the point of the spear on their lobbying efforts,” said Jesse Van Tol, chief executive of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, essentially using small-bank legislation as a vehicle for large-bank provisions.

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The New York Times: The week in tech: inequality rising

The present, however, can be brutal. To my mind, the week’s most important tech story was the slaying of an 18-year-old woman at a BART station in San Francisco’s East Bay, just a few miles from Silicon Valley, as she was getting off a train. Nia Wilson was traveling with her older sisters Lahtifa and Nishiya when, in a shocking act of terror, a man slashed her neck. She died at the scene. Lahtifa Wilson was wounded. A transient with a history of violence has been arrested.

How does this relate to tech?

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The New Yorker: The Summer of Coupon Carl, Permit Patty, and the videos that turn white privilege into mockable memes

This season, a string of recordings documenting quotidian social aggressions has been accumulating in our social-media feeds, clip by clip, like some portentous summer garland. The videos are shakily produced—shot by the rightfully indignant, who, in a matter of minutes, have realized that they must take up the role of gonzo filmmaker in order to protect reputations, freedoms, and, potentially, lives. They have a sick synchronicity, revealing an irrefutable pattern of behavior in their protagonists. Let’s call them the cop-calling tapes.

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