The Streets: Black employees at Citigroup decline for 8th straight year

“We are concerned about this trend throughout the financial services industry,” said Stella Adams, Chief of Equity and Inclusion at National Community Reinvestment Coalition, an organization that works to promote diversity in banking, housing and business. “Many minority borrowers are looking for trusted financial advisors that reflect the diversity of the marketplace. A recent report from the GAO shows that the industry is underperforming based upon the talent available in the workforce.”

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Discriminatory mortgage lending harder to detect as banking regulations rolled back, critics say

Under the new law, smaller banks with fewer than 500 closed-end loans or open-end credit lines do not have to report the additional data fields required by Dodd-Frank. The banks still collect the data, according to a letter sent to Congress by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, but are not required to report it.

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