CFPB Action Against Capital One Confirms Issues Raised During Acquisition Challenge by NCRC

Washington, DC –  The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) today applauded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for their enforcement action against Capital One. The action follows NCRC’s challenge of Capital One’s acquisition of ING Direct and HSBC’s credit card unit. NCRC argued that the company should not be allowed to become Too-Big-to-Fail given its record […]

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National Groups Request Hearings on Capital One-HSBC Acquisition

November 8, 2011 — During tumultuous times for the American housing market, Capital One continues practices that are degrading the chances of recovery and sustainability for low- to moderate-income communities. Their latest effort, an attempt to acquire HSBC, spurred a response from national consumer, community, housing, and civil rights organizations that requests an extension of […]

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Complaints Filed Against Capital One for Problematic Mortgage Servicing

Capital One Denied Homeowner Access to Help for Unemployed Homeowners and HAMP

Washington, DC — The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) today announced that is has filed a complaint with the District of Columbia Government Office of Human Rights and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), alleging that Capital One has violated local and federal fair housing laws by denying an unemployed homeowner access to a program for unemployed homeowners, as well as a federal mortgage modification program.
“Where there is smoke, there is often fire. Our complaint must be fully investigated to determine if Capital One has routinely denied borrowers the best assistance available to them. Capital One’s failure to participate in mortgage modification programs is cause for serious concern. The regulators should not allow Capital One to take over ING Direct’s $41 billion mortgage portfolio without a demonstration that they are in compliance with the law, and will act to ensure customers have access to the best loan modifications,” said John Taylor, president & CEO of NCRC.

The case concerns Ms. Cembrye Ross, an attorney in the Washington, DC area, who sought help from Capital One for her mortgage when she became unemployed. Capital One did not offer Ms. Ross a sustainable modification, even though she would have qualified for help under both the DC HomeSaver Program, which helps unemployed homeowners, and the federal Home Affordable Modification Program. Capital One, which was not participating in either program, instead steered Ms. Ross to a proprietary modification that was not affordable to her. Following the filing of the complaint, NCRC was able to stay the foreclosure that Ms. Ross faced.

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