Hispanic Mortgage Lending 2019 Analysis

The report revealed dramatic differences in the costs and lending patterns for different subgroups of Hispanic borrowers, such as Cuban, Mexican and Puerto Rican borrowers. It also found that most Latino borrowers get their mortgages from non-bank mortgage companies and not from banks

Deep-rooted discrimination impacts health of LGBTQ community

As a result of the Trump Administration’s rollback of affordable healthcare and harsh cuts to affordable housing opportunities, many Americans are struggling with access to quality healthcare and stable housing. The combined toll of both of these issues, as well as pervasive and persistent discrimination, consistently put LGBTQ groups among the most affected.  For decades, …

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The CFPB needs to keep easy access to HMDA data

Data is the sunlight that makes possible the fight against discrimination. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), however, is considering changing its method of disseminating loan data that would make it less readily available to the public and significantly hamper our collective ability to root out unfair and discriminatory practices.