Video: TD Bank President And CEO Leo Salom Addresses First Horizon Merger, CBA At 2023 Just Economy Conference

NCRC Just Economy Conference 2023 —  Recorded March 29, 2023

TD Bank head Leo Salom sent this video message to the record 1200 attendees of NCRC’s 2023 Just Economy Conference.


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Good evening, everyone. I wish I could be with all of you to celebrate.

Let me first offer my sincere appreciation. And thanks to the NCRC and your members for your collaboration throughout the process of building TD’s community benefits plan.

This is an exciting milestone in our journey to merge with First Horizon. And I’m incredibly proud of the work we did together to reach this moment. You helped guide our discussions and sharpen our focus on how to best serve those communities where we live and work. We are grateful for your time and passion and helping us get it right throughout our listening sessions, subsequent meetings and collaboration.

Our community benefits plan sets measurable, meaningful goals against the work that TD does every day in support of diverse communities and small businesses. And I’m proud that our $50 billion five-year plan will provide lending investment, philanthropy, banking access and other impact to help increase economic opportunity in our communities.

Establishing stability, especially in underserved and diverse communities, was our guiding aspiration. And you and other community organizations providing crucial insights on where we’re doing well, and where we can do better as we commit to grow in our organization with purpose.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Jesse Van Tol and the NCRC team who collaborated with TD to develop our community benefits plan. I thank you again for your leadership throughout this process and helping to make our plan strong and purposeful, with real lasting impact. I hope you enjoy your evening. Many of our TD leaders who played a pivotal role in our plan are in the room. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you very, very soon. Thank you once again.

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