About NCRC

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating a nation that not only promises but delivers opportunities for all Americans to build wealth and live well. We work with community leaders, policymakers and institutions to advance solutions and build the will to solve America’s persistent racial and socio-economic wealth, income and opportunity divides, and to make a Just Economy a national priority and a local reality. This vision is the foundation of the Just Economy Pledge

NCRC’s unique mix of research, investigations, investments, media, grant-making, training, advocacy, litigation, lending, convening and facilitation strengthens communities of historic disinvestment, expands economic mobility, holds public and private institutions accountable for their impacts, and informs local and national leaders, policymakers and the private sector. 

Who we are

NCRC was formed in 1990 by national, regional and local organizations to increase the flow of private capital into traditionally underserved communities. Today our members include more than 700 nonprofit community development and finance organizations; community organizing and civil rights groups; minority and women-owned business associations; national, state and local housing, economic development, education, media, arts, healthcare and investment organizations; state and local government agencies; faith-based institutions; and committed, hopeful individuals from across the nation.

What we do

Wealth isn’t distributed evenly. But the opportunity to earn and accumulate it should be. We push back against centuries of inequality. We push forward toward a world of inclusive, livable and sustainable communities grounded in practices, policies and standards that advance opportunities for everyone. We produce agenda-setting research, media and events; advocate on behalf of members; renovate and build affordable homes for low- and moderate-income families; provide grants, loans, technical support and training to entrepreneurs, community development and community finance organizations and professionals; investigate and litigate to root out discrimination in financial services and housing; and we inform, organize and facilitate dialog between local anchor institutions and community members to increase lending, investments, philanthropy, health, information and other services and wealth building opportunities in neighborhoods that need it. We testify before Congress and meet with the leadership of regulatory agencies and financial services corporations. Our analysis, tools and experts are routinely cited by journalists, economists, policy makers and scholars focused on consumer finance, fair lending, fair housing, urban renewal, rural development, social determinants of health, the legacy of historic redlining, the racial wealth divide, socio-economic inequity, consumer protection and civil and human rights.

Social Impact Ventures and Funds

NCRC invests and manages a network of affiliated social enterprises and investment funds to expand access to affordable home ownership, living wage jobs and careers and capital for small businesses. The NCRC Community Development Fund is a US Department of Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution that makes loans to support economic mobility, bridge the nation’s racial wealth gap, expand access to affordable homeownership and provide loan capital that helps Black-, Brown-, and woman-owned businesses thrive. The NCRC Housing Rehab Fund, known as GROWTH by NCRC, renovates and builds affordable homes in cities across the nation.

Learn more about our vision and values.

Our Impact Last Year

Community Benefits Agreements

$205 Billion

We facilitated seven community benefits agreements with banks that committed $205 billion in loans, investments and philanthropy to underserved communities and the organizations that serve them.

Through 2022, NCRC completed community benefits plans with 22 banking groups that will put a combined $590 billion into underserved communities.

Bank and coins
Small business illustration

NCRC Community Development Fund

$8 million

NCRC CDF raised $8 million in debt capital for affordable housing development and small business lending.

79.6% of $1.2 million in small business loans went to minority-owned businesses.

$3 million in low interest loans to finance affordable housing.

Community Impact Grants

$4.7 Million

Awarded to 65 grantees in 16 states for affordable housing, small business development, arts & culture, COVID-19 relief, housing counseling and capacity building initiatives.

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10 major reports

We published 10 major reports and white papers.

Just Economy Conference


We were able to come back together for the first in-person Just Economy Conference since 2019. 864 of our allies and partners attended, with an average of 447 people in breakouts throughout the conference.

36 state delegations

Advocacy Week: 120 meetings with the House, Senate and federal regulators with 36 state delegations, including Washington, DC.

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GROWTH by NCRC built or rahabbed 138 homes, representing an investment of $40.1 million, and sold 115 homes.

Since 2015, GROWTH has:

  • Acquired 1,049 lots or properties
  • Sold 560, 85% of the homes were sold either to LMI buyers and/or within LMI communities


105 training programs

with 5,200 participants.




Our work and people were cited in 4,700 media reports, with a potential reach of 8.1 billion readers and viewers.


unique users at ncrc.org

Housing Counseling Network

27 Member organizations in 16 states and the District of Columbia, assisting a total of 12,130 clients.


19 markets in 11 states and the District of Columbia


Grew to 757 organizations in 46 states and Puerto Rico and DC.

Up to 9




Housing Counseling Network

27 Member organizations in 16 states and the District of Columbia, assisting a total of 12,130 clients.


19 markets in 11 states and the District of Columbia


Grew to 757 organizations in 46 states and Puerto Rico and DC.

Up to 9




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