The Just Economy Pledge
We work with community leaders, policymakers and financial institutions to champion fairness and end discrimination in lending, housing and business.

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We’re a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating a nation that not only promises but delivers opportunities for all Americans to build wealth and live well.

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The Injustice Of Redlining

Better understand and  undo the unfair burdens of structural racism, both past and present. Learn more.

Section 1071

Learn more about how the CFPB will collect small business loan data under the Dodd-Frank act. Learn more.

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For nonprofits and social ventures, meet and work at the Just Economy Club in DC. Learn more.

Decades of Disinvestment: Historic Redlining and Mortgage Lending Since 1981
An Initial Overview of Racial Economic Equity Commitments By Banks
Redlining The Reservation: The Brutal Cost Of Financial Services Inaccessibility In Native Communities

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On our radar

National Bankers Association: The Social Impact Of MDI Mortgage Lending
The Colorado Sun: Good Food And Stable Housing Have Huge Effects On Health. So Colorado Medicaid Wants To Cover Those, Too.
US Economic Development Administration: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Next Funding Round Of $504 Million For 12 Tech Hubs Across America
Bloomberg: Homebuilders Cut On ‘Sluggish’ Housing Market, Florida Woes
CNBC: How Thousands Of Americans Got Caught In Fintech’s False Promise And Lost Access To Bank Accounts

Press Releases

NCRC, CDAD and Detroit Reinvestment Coalition Announce Just Economy: Detroit
NCRC Statement on Supreme Court Ruling In Chevron Deference Case
Devin Mack Hired As NCRC’s Director Of Fair And Equitable Opportunity
Simon “Mac” McNeil, Hired As Executive Director of NCRC Community Development Fund
Applications Now Open For The NCRC Fellowship For Equitable Development

in the news

The Washington Post: Biden Says Racial Wealth Gap Is Closing. The Reality Is Complicated.
The Black Chronicle: National Report Reveals Impact Of Redlining On Home Ownership
Washington Informer: DC Agencies Among Top Beneficiaries As HUD Announces $40 Million Boost For Housing Counseling Nationwide
Fortune: An Obscure 47-Year-Old Law Designed To Right The Historic Wrongs Of Redlining Was The ‘Original ESG Framework,’ Execs Say. Just Look At How Crown Heights And Bed-Stuy Have Changed


AFFORDABLE HOMES purchased / renovated
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committed to Local Communities (yep that's B for BILLION)
$ 1 B
people trained on fair housing and fair lending.
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