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Delivering Effective Disaster Preparation Counseling and Education for Practitioners 

May 2, 2023 , 12:00 pm EDT 4:00 pm EDT

It’s easy to understand why many residents turn to their local housing counseling agency or nonprofit practitioners as a go to source. Our organizations offer a wealth of information about wealth building, financial management and other resources. Residents in our service areas learn that their local nonprofit organizations offer valuable programs to prepare for the future and often consider their counselor as a trusted friend. This relationship places the practitioner as the ideal coach to help area families develop a disaster preparation plan to safeguard their households during crisis and maintain the assets they’ve worked hard for.

During this course, participants will learn key steps that nonprofit practitioners should take to prepare their families and help clients mitigate damage and avoid stress. Topics discussed will include:

  • How to help mitigate loss at your agency and define the practitioner’s role in the overall agency disaster preparation plan.
  • How to evaluate and “disaster-proof” current delivery methods
  • Review tools to help build an effective disaster preparedness program with activities for your community.
  • How to coach clients to help them prepare for crisis and incorporate disaster preparation steps for home, work and other situations encountered in daily life.
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