Racial Wealth Divide

The Racial Wealth Divide And Its Impact on Racial Equity in America

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The racial wealth divide is an indicator of racial economic inequality which has been foundational to the development of our country. This racial economic inequality is primarily defined by the disparities between White households and economically marginalized communities of color such as African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans. 

The vision of NCRC is, “To solve America’s racial and socio-economic wealth, income and opportunity divides.” Addressing the racial wealth divide, that shows little evidence of bridging, is essential to making our vision a reality. Addressing this divide requires comprehensive policies and strategies that strengthen assets among communities of color and address the growing concentration of wealth in the country as a whole. NCRC conducts research, develops programs and leads in advocacy that addresses the inequalities resulting from the racial wealth divide. By understanding and undoing the structural inequality, both past and present, we work towards achieving a more just and equitable society for all.

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