Land banks on steroids: How to disrupt speculation in your community

Attendees who have a land bank will be inspired by hearing three success stories on utilizing land banks to preserve affordable housing as a strategy to return vacant properties to productive use. Attendees who don’t have a land bank will want to create one to implement these creative strategies in their own markets. The speakers will delve into the specifics of how they assessed the need to revitalize their own communities by developing long-term affordable housing needs and putting previously vacant and abandoned properties back into the residential market as community assets.

Jean Ishmon, Consulting Executive Director, Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance, Hammond, IN

Christopher Norman, Executive Director, Fulton/Atlanta Land Bank Authority, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Robert Rose, Executive Director, Cook County Land Bank Authority, Chicago, IL
Hope Kingsborough, Vice President of Programs and Housing, Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation, Columbus, OH

Robert Rose
Jasmine Brewer – Land Bank_Rob Rose_2019 NCRC Presentation

Hope Kingsborough
Jasmine Brewer – Kingborough_Land Banks_NCRC Conference Presentation FINAL.pptx

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