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RULING: Federal Court Rejects Trump Admin’s Effort to Evade Accountability for Unlawfully Gutting Anti-Redlining Protections

“The harm caused by the Trump Administration’s unlawful evisceration of anti-redlining rules is real and urgent. We are pleased the court rejected the Trump Administration’s shameful attempt to evade accountability for gutting a crucial anti-redlining law. We will continue to press forward in our case to protect marginalized communities and return the protections of the Community Reinvestment Act from the Trump Administration’s continued unlawful grip.”

President Biden Signs Executive Order Directing HUD to Address History of Systemic Racism

I applaud President Biden for signing four executive orders today that will help advance the goal of racial equity. The order directing HUD to address the nation’s long history of systemic racism in housing is of particular importance to us. Acknowledging the federal government’s role in perpetuating segregation, including the lasting impacts of redlining, is essential to addressing America’s ever growing racial wealth divide.