NCRC launches interactive tool to explore local lending patterns

The new tool will be available to the general public for a month, then become an exclusive service for NCRC members.

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) today launched the Fair Lending Report, an interactive tool that allows users to produce a report on mortgages, small business lending and bank branch networks for any city, county or metro area in the nation.

The report is designed to help local and national leaders gather insights about lending and bank networks, detect patterns of disinvestment and compare the performance of lenders in any community.

The report uses data that banks, credit unions and non-bank mortgage lenders are required to report under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, along with small business lending data, bank branch locations and U.S. Census data. 

“Data is essential for our members to understand the lending landscape and institutions in their communities, and this new tool gives them easy and instant access to a detailed report,” said NCRC CEO Jesse Van Tol. “The tool also illustrates why we advocate for policies to ensure lenders provide detailed data about their loans. The data tells a story, not only about which lenders are doing the most for their communities, but also about which communities are most in need of capital from lenders who could do more.”

“Using the most current data available, you can examine how lenders perform in lending to low- and moderate-income communities and to people of color,” said Jason Richardson, NCRC’s Director of Research and Evaluation. “This information arms our members with the data they need to best advocate for their communities.”

View and use the NCRC Fair Lending Report at: https://ncrc.org/2021-fair-lending-report/

NCRC will host a free webinar to demonstrate the new tool and answer questions on Tuesday, March 16 at 12 PM ET. To register for the webinar, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ncrc-and-the-fair-lending-report-tickets-145131689791 

For access to the tool after the public launch period, join NCRC: https://ncrc.org/membership/

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