NCRC Member Profile: Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc.

NCRC’s membership includes more than 700 community-focused organizations in 46 states. Here’s an introduction to one of them, Affordable Homeownership Foundation, in Waynesville, North Carolina, from their Executive Director, Jason Schulz.

Tell us about your organization’s mission/focus area.

Our mission is to help the economically vulnerable veterans, seniors, youth aging out of foster care, disabled and homeless individuals in the very low- to moderate-income (LMI) areas of our region achieve financial literacy, attain housing stability and or homeownership, participate in the American dream, and contribute to more stable, vital neighborhoods. To create this transition, we offer advocacy, education, counseling and work to increase the availability of safe, decent, affordable housing opportunities.

We primarily cover the following counties of Western North Carolina: Jackson, Haywood, Transylvania, Macon and Cherokee.

Describe a current challenge in your community and how your organization is addressing this.

Affordable housing in Western North Carolina is hard to find. We are tapping into community resources to rehab homes, educate landlords about housing voucher programs, and build affordable housing. 

We are in the process of duplicating what we have been doing in Florida since 2006 by building Single Room Occupancy (SROs) Homes that allow us to affordably house the target demographic in our Mission Statement. 

How did you hear about NCRC?

NCRC Member Referral.

Have you collaborated, or would you like to collaborate with other organizations to successfully achieve a goal?

We are working with many nonprofits and government agencies in Western NC. For example, we are partnering with the Waynesville Public Housing Authority to build Single Room Occupancy (SROs) homes in the Waynesville area by acquiring derelict housing, rehabilitating it using CDBG funds and HOME funds. This project is just getting started. 

Please share a success story or memorable moment from your work.

In April of 2022, one of our clients was affected by the pandemic and facing foreclosure was. She had a young daughter and was very concerned about becoming homeless. She was, understandably, distraught. We were able to fill some gaps in her immediate household need by providing gas and groceries as we worked to help her apply for Homeowner Assistance Funds (HAF). Because of this, she was successful in avoiding foreclosure. 

Since then, this woman has been able to find consistent work and she and her daughter are thriving. The HAF was just what she needed to get over the hump after the pandemic and get back to normal. 

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Jason Schulz is the Executive Director of the Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc.

Pictured is the Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc. company logo. Picture courtesy of Jason Schulz.

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