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Canada is having a housing crash that should serve as a warning to the US

The entire Canadian housing and mortgage market has dropped off a financial cliff, which should pose as a warning for the U.S. as we talk about reforming our Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) system. In 2008, when the U.S. was entering a full housing market crash, Canada took several steps to disguise the exposure of Canadian households. […]

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Redlining, restitution and redefining the narrative

A recap of our #ReinvestPHILLY Summit  The #ReinvestPHILLY summit took place October 9, 2018, in downtown Philadelphia. More than 300 local leaders joined Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, State Senator Vincent Hughes, and members of the Philadelphia City Council to discuss political action to combat modern-day redlining, evictions and other forms of racial discrimination. Here […]

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