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Vice: How Gen-Z is dealing with a looming climate apocalypse

Vice, August 6, 2019: How Gen-Z is dealing with a looming climate apocalypse

Becoming an adult in a world facing an environmental crisis is terrifying. It’s getting tougher to stay motivated at work when it feels like there is no point. People are wondering if they should have kids anymore if they’ll be born into a hopeless world.

As anxiety about the environment reaches new heights, there’s growing pressure particularly among young people to become better citizens, decrease our carbon footprints, and save the planet. But there’s an overwhelming number of factors to consider. We can cut down on plastic heavy Amazon orders, skip the avocado toast (and avocado toast references), and bike instead of Ubering, but that’s hardly enough to counter the greenhouse gas emissions coming from the energy and transportation sectors. This is the world that was set up for us and being mindful of personal consumption can only go so far.

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