American Banker: Five questions for CFPB nominee to replace Mulvaney

American Banker, March 12, 2018: Five questions for CFPB nominee to replace Mulvaney

President Trump could nominate a permanent director to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau any day now. The eventual pick will likely encounter heavy scrutiny from senators and, if confirmed, would take the helm of an agency still defined by turmoil nearly seven years after its creation.

Here are some questions that John Taylor, president and CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, has for the next CFPB nominee:

“Does a nominee believe the agency needs to create bright lines and parameters around payday lending?”

“Do they believe in reining in the worst practices to protect consumers?”

“In instances where the agency uncovers fair-lending violations, will the CFPB work to prohibit that through fines of other efforts?”


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