NCRC Statement on Supreme Court Ruling In Chevron Deference Case

The Supreme Court on Thursday ended a longstanding judicial norm known as “Chevron deference” which generally required judges to respect the expertise of regulators in interpreting Congress’s instructions in legislation. National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) Chief Policy Counsel Eden Forsythe released the following statement:

“Americans expect our government to solve big problems in smart, sound and stable ways. Businesses rely on that certainty. Families rely on that protection. But now, instead of that steady, carefully crafted sense of order, we all face unpredictability and chaos.

“This ruling will carry grave consequences that won’t become fully clear for years. But it’s safe to say that cynical corporate lobbyists will take advantage to undermine key safeguards that make America vibrant, fair and safe.

“We can’t let that become a one-sided fight. If the courts are declaring open season on regulatory decision-making, then we have to make sure corporate America aren’t the only ones fighting. Where regulatory outcomes have not been good enough to protect our communities, economic and environmental justice organizations should be aggressive in pursuing positive change.”

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