Redlining, restitution and redefining the narrative

A recap of our #ReinvestPHILLY Summit 

The #ReinvestPHILLY summit took place October 9, 2018, in downtown Philadelphia.

More than 300 local leaders joined Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, State Senator Vincent Hughes, and members of the Philadelphia City Council to discuss political action to combat modern-day redlining, evictions and other forms of racial discrimination.

Here are just a few of the moments from #ReinvestPHILLY we won’t forget.

Redlining, restitution, and redefining the narrative.

Check out the #ReinvestPHILLY photo album for more.  

If you would like to join conversations like these, then register now to attend the Just Economy Conference March 11-13, 2019, in Washington, DC. It’s the national event for community, policy, government and business leaders who work for fairness in banking, housing and business.

Don’t forget to submit a comment to the Trump administration about the Community Reinvestment Act. It takes five minutes using the instructions on our #TreasureCRA website. We have a month left to make our voices heard.

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