Sixth Age-Friendly Banking convening

The sixth Age-Friendly Banking convening brings together leaders and changemakers in financial institutions, community-based organizations, aging networks, financial regulators, law regulators and public health leaders to reflect on progress and develop new strategies for moving financial institutions to improve the financial well-being of low- and moderate-income  older adults. 

Nan Gibson, Executive Director of Public Policy & Corporate Responsibility, JPMorgan Chase, Washington, DC
Karen Kali, Program Manager of Special Initiatives, NCRC, Washington, DC

Andrew Dunn, Senior Associate, Center for Financial Services Innovation, New York, NY
Dr. Annie Harper, Associate Research Scientist, Program for Recovery and Community Health, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Jenn Jones, Chief of Membership and Policy, NCRC, Washington, DC
Naomi Karp, Senior Policy Analyst, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Washington, DC
Elie Khoury, Principal Research Scientist, Pindrop, Marietta, GA
Ron Long, Director of Elder Client, Wells Fargo, St. Louis, MO
James Rudyk, Jr., Executive Director, Northwest Side Housing Center, Chicago, IL

Dr. Annie Harper
annie harper – Presentation for Age Friendly Banking Convening 3-13-19.pptx

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