With our powers combined: Integrating housing and workforce development agreements

For decades, community development and workforce development practitioners worked in separate silos to create community benefits that would alleviate poverty and provide living wages to local residents. Community development practitioners often focused on getting banks to make investments in affordable housing, while labor organizers and workforce development practitioners focused on making sure large development projects resulted in local hires and local job training. Both groups have evolved their version of a Community Benefit Agreement in recent years. Now, a number of progressive cities and organizations have been developing one comprehensive community benefit agreement that covers investments in both workforce development and housing. In this session, hear from cutting-edge practitioners negotiating these agreements and learn about the possible benefits for communities that follow suit.

Elisabeth Risch, Assistant Director, Metro St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council, St. Louis, MO

Ben Beach, Legal Director, The Partnership for Working Families, Oakland, CA
Linda Campbell, Member, Equitable Detroit Coalition, Detroit, MI
Jawanza Malone, Executive Director, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Chicago, IL

Jawanza Malone
Jasmine Brewer – Jawanza_CBA session_Obama CBA Coalition – Chicago IL.pptx

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