Bruce Mitchell





Senior Research Analyst  202-464-2739

Bruce is NCRC’s Senior Research Analyst. As an urban geographer, he recognizes the crucial role of space and place in determining the range of economic opportunities available to people. He specializes in the application of quantitative methods, including conventional and spatial statistics, remote sensing, and geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze patterns of inequity in U.S. cities. He is deeply interested in the historical and structural factors which have shaped the present demographic and socioeconomic patterns of neighborhoods. These factors include segregation, zoning, redlining, suburbanization, urban renewal, and deindustrialization.

Bruce is a doctoral candidate at the University of South Florida, School of Geosciences where he also holds an M.A. degree in Geography, Environment and Policy, specializing in GIS and spatial analysis, and a certificate in GIS. Courses taught included world regional geography, human geography, urban geography, and economic geography. He has published works on environmental justice and disparity in the effects of urban heat and climate change for minorities and people of lower socioeconomic status in U.S. cities.























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