Daily News: Caddo Assets Services help community development continue bringing addiction recovery solutions

Daily News, January 29th, 2019: Caddo assets services help community development continues bringing addiction recovery solutions

The 2019 goal of this P3 is planning its “program kickoff” to fundamentally change the experience of recovery from addiction, mental health concerns, and related effects of trauma in American rural communities. More specifically, our work in Fort Coffee will help Le Flore County (Ft. Coffee is located in the county) to upgrade its community systems and make sure they work for everyone. Further, it will include the implementation of programs that break the cycles of generational poverty through workforce development, instilling community pride and promotion of community activism, and the introduction of a thriving business development model to support long-term economic development success.

In most American rural communities, the customer experience of people who use healthcare, social service, and other community systems is like life before rural electrification. Everything is remote, isolated, less functional, and under-resourced. Black-market drug use flourishes under such conditions, while the efforts of community service systems and support providers are stymied. Our approach is deceptively simple: to teach solutions that are known to work, to identify resources that communities can use to sustain the work, and to advocate for action. We propose to deliver support for strategies that address the risk of exposure to opiates throughout the entire Le Flore County population, prevention strategies that are known to be effective, and recovery supports that can be implemented anywhere.

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