Salud America: Redlining is illegal, but it’s still hurting Latino families

Salud America, May 31, 2019: Redlining is illegal, but it’s still hurting Latino families

Historically, white people easily got mortgages to live in America’s nicest areas, while aspiring racial/ethnic home buyers from the inner-city were refused loans from banks and federal programs.

That is what is called “redlining.”

Even today, three of four neighborhoods “redlined” on government maps 80 years ago continuing to struggle economically, according to a new study, Washington Post reports.

“It’s as if some of these places have been trapped in the past, locking neighborhoods into concentrated poverty,” Jason Richardson, director of research at the NCRC, a consumer advocacy group, told the Post.

Homeownership still is far from the grasp of many Latinos.

Over half of Latino household heads (54%) were renting their homes in 2016, compared to 28% of White household heads, according to a new Salud America! research review.

And redlining could soon get worse.

The Trump administration recently announced its plan to reduce public access to mortgage loan information, which could make redlining practices easier.

The Trump administration intends to roll back regulations that bar discrimination based on “disparate impact,” according to The Washington Post. In particular, Trump officials have their eyes on reducing rules that prevent discrimination in housing.


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