Maria Georgieva

Schools, Segregation, COVID

Join this engaging, potentially uncomfortable Just Economy panel discussion with community development professionals, education researchers and civil advocates experts on the fractured nature of neighborhoods and public education, promising efforts around integration and the role of community development in expanding opportunity as we navigate schooling in the pandemic and beyond.

Building An Inclusive Tax System In A Time Of Crisis

The opportunity to consistently save, over time, enables working families to begin to feel a sense of financial security, dignity and independence regarding their futures. The panel will discuss the prevailing tax system, and what may be needed to achieve long term, inclusive, systemic change.

How Can We Highlight Inequities In State-Level CARES Act Spending To Underscore The Need For Broader Economic Justice Efforts?

Without adequate attention, these state-level COVID-relief dollars are at risk of repeating the same inequities that existed pre-COVID. What are strategies for telling these stories for advancing an economic justice agenda in our own states? How can we use these findings to support the push for broader economic justice policies in other areas, particularly those aimed at closing the racial wealth gap?

Building Cultural Competencies In Financial Services: When Diversity Training Isn’t Enough

The country is undergoing a demographic shift that the financial services industry has yet to catch. Prospective clients for financial services products are increasingly young and people of color and yet, the institutions who serve them largely skew older, male and White. This session explores why siloed D&I initiatives fall short and how an organization can build the cultural competencies needed to serve burgeoning communities of color.

How Race Impacts Health

In this session, we will trace the historical roots of racism and its impact on people of color, from the weathering effect of discrimination to racially biased health, government and educational systems that have a physical trickle down effect from generation to generation.

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