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Next City:‘Secret Shopper’ Tests Find Possible Evidence of Bias in Small-Business Lending (Again)

“We know that when it comes to things like denial disparities, from the point of actually applying for a loan, there are disparities by race and gender, but this is really pre-application, what’s the experience of minority-owned businesses in even inquiring about a bank loan,” says Jesse Van Tol, CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), the national network of bank watchdog and community development groups that commissioned the new research.

York Dispatch: EDITORIAL: Latest Trump salvo targets fair housing

“HUD’s proposal makes it far more difficult for those injured by stealth discriminatory policies to prove discrimination,” community-investment organizer Jesse Van Tol told ABC News. “The bar was already set high and HUD‘s proposal would put it in the stratosphere — it really strains credulity.”