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Canada is having a housing crash that should serve as a warning to the US

The entire Canadian housing and mortgage market has dropped off a financial cliff, which should pose as a warning for the U.S. as we talk about reforming our Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) system. In 2008, when the U.S. was entering a full housing market crash, Canada took several steps to disguise the exposure of Canadian households. […]

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Philadelphia and the rapid gentrification of downtown

Philadelphia has been one of the most rapidly gentrifying metro areas in the nation. A recent study by NCRC found that between 2000 and 2013, 57 neighborhoods in Philadelphia showed signs of residential gentrification. This includes the influx of large numbers of college-educated residents, booming property values, and rising incomes. Mapping these neighborhoods shows the […]

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Minority entrepreneurship in Philadelphia

At the national level, disparities in the proportion of minority-owned and white-owned businesses have been narrowing over time. A 2012 survey of business owners indicated that while nearly 71% of businesses were white-owned, black and Hispanic entrepreneurship increased from 7.1% and 8.3% in 2007, to 9.5% and 12.2%, respectively. Unfortunately, the number of black and […]

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What the Community Reinvestment Act means to lending in Philadelphia

For years, advocates have known that the Community Reinvestment Act, or CRA, helps low and moderate income communities gain access to financial services, loans, and community development investments that would otherwise be unavailable. Since 1996, over $2 trillion in community development, mortgage, and business loans were made by banks obligated to invest in their communities […]

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NCRC forecast: Weakening the Community Reinvestment Act would reduce lending by hundreds of billions of dollars

NCRC used data collected under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) for the years 2012 through 2016 to calculate the sum of loan amounts made during this period for every census tract in the United States. Building upon the work of research in academia and the Federal Reserve, we […]

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