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The Great Consolidation of Banks and Acceleration of Branch Closures Across America

In the ten years from March 2010 through March 2020, there was a net loss of 11,820 branches in the US, an average of 98.5 per month. Since the pandemic reached our shores in March 2020, 4,025 branches have closed — an average of 201 branch closures per month. This was beyond our prediction and calls into question the future of bank branches as the principal conduit for access to financial services.

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Adding Robust Consideration of Race to Community Reinvestment Act Regulations: An Essential and Constitutional Proposal

It is time for regulators to incorporate an explicit focus on race in core CRA regulations and examination procedures. This should and can be done in a manner that complements, and does not in any way supplant, the longstanding focus on LMI.

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