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Health Practitioners and Advocates Provide CRA Comments on Fed’s ANPR

Wealth equity is intrinsically tied to health equity. Hospitals and health systems are stepping into the community development arena more frequently as there are many opportunities for them to partner with banks and other financial institutions to reduce economic disparities that could reduce health disparities.

Health equity was a challenge before coronavirus

Health and wealth equity didn’t exist in the U.S. before COVID-19, and the pandemic only exacerbated racial, ethnic, gender and geographic disparities. To address these issues and provide a platform for collaborative work toward solutions, NCRC members and partners in North Carolina held a 3-day special online event Oct. 13-15, 2020: Invest in Health and Wealth: Stabilizing Underserved Communities While Fighting a Pandemic.

NCRC launches publishing series on Segregation, Environment and Health

National Findings Affirm Local Experiences Last week, a team of researchers from NCRC, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Public Health and University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab produced a report with maps and data from 142 cities that showed how historic discrimination in lending and investing in entire neighborhoods correlates with shorter life expectancy …

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Redlining and Neighborhood Health

A new study compared 1930’s maps of government-sanctioned lending discrimination zones with current census and public health data.