White Paper: The Foreclosure Crisis and its Impact on Communities of Color

The Foreclosure Crisis and Its Impact on Communities of Color: Research and Solutions As the foreclosure crisis continues unabated, destroying wealth for American families and undermining the stability and vibrancy of communities, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s (NCRC) latest whitepaper serves as an in-depth investigation of the success and weaknesses of the major federal and …

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Advocates and New Yorkers Demand Banks Be Held Accountable

Call for Swift Passage of Responsible Banking Act (Intro. 485)

Council members, advocates and community residents gathered on the steps of City Hall today to demand that banks be held accountable, and to call for the passage of the recently introduced Responsible Banking Act (Intro. 485 – Vann, Recchia). The press conference followed a hearing on the legislation in the New York City Council Committees on Community Development and Finance, also held today.

The Responsible Banking Act is important new proposed legislation that will create a ranking system of banks seeking city deposits based on how responsive they are to the needs of New York City’s neighborhoods. By holding banks that store the city’s money more locally accountable, the bill would incentivize  these financial institutions to engage in practices that are beneficial to all New Yorkers and strengthen their community development efforts in New York City. An evaluation of how these banks contribute to the needs of the City and its communities would be a transparent and important tool of the city in determining which banks it deposits its funds.

The bill is not only a response to the aftermath of predatory lending and other harmful bank practices that contributed to the national financial crisis, but also to continued disengagement by banks within underserved communities. As the effects of this continue to be felt in our city, it is imperative that New York City take affirmative steps to rebuild and strengthen its partnerships with the banking community.  The Responsible Banking Act creates the transparency and oversight necessary to achieve this. The bill would require the Department of Finance, in its role on the NYC Banking Commission, to collect important information related to community development activities performed by banks wanting to be city depositories. These would include whether they provide: mortgage loan restructuring for struggling homeowners; financing for the construction of affordable housing; and/or credit and financial services for small businesses, among other criteria.

Neighborhood Planning & Investment Services

NCRC recently launched a Neighborhood Planning and Investment Services (NPIS) through which NCRC will continue to pull from national best practices in community stabilization and reinvestment to develop innovative and practical solutions to the country’s housing and community development challenges. NCRC’s Neighborhood Planning and Investment Services explicitly focuses on: Comprehensive projects that combine the best …

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NCRC Releases Safe & Sound Lending in Neighborhoods Study (Sept 2010)

Community Reinvestment Act Mitigates Damage to Communities Caused by Financial Crisis A new study by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition finds that Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulated lenders avoided significant decreases in lending accompanied by the current foreclosure crisis and severe recession. The study compared home and small businesses lending and bank branching in two …

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Congressman Luis Gutierrez Remarks – July 30, 2010

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has issued this video call to action, calling on his colleagues to support our efforts to strengthen and expand the Community Reinvestment Act. We’re working with the Congressman and his colleagues to move legislation expanding and strengthening CRA in the coming months, and we thank him for his leadership on this …

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