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Black Tech Daily: Can the Fintech Revolution Build a Better Economy?

Fintech and P2P lending have been around for almost a decade now, but in the context of Covid-19 and mass unemployment in the USA, their impact is being felt more than ever. This is because many of the startups in the Fintech sector are focused on closing the opportunity gap by providing alternative sources of finance to people who find it difficult to borrow through traditional channels.

NBC News: Covid eviction moratorium deadline highlights another American epidemic

Temporary moratoriums have protected up to 40 million coronavirus-battered U.S. residents against a catastrophic spread of potential evictions. But without immediate, dramatic action, the protections offered by a national moratorium will soon end, exposing millions of U.S. residents to the national housing epidemic that pre-dated the COVID-19 pandemic — and that has only grown in size and scope. To stop that from happening, we need to act now. (The moratorium is currently set to expire at the end of June, although the federal officials are now reportedly looking to extend it.)

Bloomberg Opinion: The Fed’s Interest Rate Target Is Obsolete

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest-rate decisions have big repercussions for the country and the world. Yet the short-term interest rate it targets- known as the federal funds rate- no longer plays a meaningful role in the economy, and requires occasional fiddling to keep it in line.