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NCRC Broadens Movement for Economic Security on Behalf of Older Adults

 Organizations Funded to Empower, Organize and Support Older Adults

Washington, DC —  The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) today announced five new awardees in a multi-year campaign to empower, organize and support economically vulnerable older adults. The announcement expands NCRC’s commitment to the financial well being of older Americans, following the launch in 2011 of National Neighbors Silver, a national campaign to safeguard the financial security of today’s seniors and future retirees.

“Today’s older adults are working longer and living on less. For some, retirement is but a distant dream, while others face the challenge of stretching their savings or going back to work. Seniors are often left to navigate these challenges on their own. Through National Neighbors Silver, NCRC is deepening the capacity of community-based organizations to help older adults achieve economic security, moving from ‘you’re on your own’ to ‘we’re all in it together’.” said John Taylor, President and CEO of NCRC.