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NCRC Submits Comment on Artificial Intelligence

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) submitted a detailed comment letter to five federal agencies yesterday, outlining how consumers should be protected when lenders use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to underwrite loans. 

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Relationships Matter: Small Business and Bank Branch Locations

Relationships Matter: Small Business and Bank Branch Locations — Key Takeaways The number of banks and bank branches has declined significantly since 2009. Local branches are still crucial to small business lending. Small business lending is increasingly dominated by the largest lending institutions. Smaller institutions are disappearing as they merge or are bought out by …

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Change is on the way, but it won’t be easy

Donald Trump’s victory four years ago was unimaginable to many, and an emotional blow that only got worse over time. Until now. The post election drama is mostly over. The Electoral College is done. We finally know: Joe Biden will be the 46th president, and Kamala Harris will be many firsts as vice president: Black, South Asian, woman, mom.


Hispanic Mortgage Lending 2019 Analysis

The report revealed dramatic differences in the costs and lending patterns for different subgroups of Hispanic borrowers, such as Cuban, Mexican and Puerto Rican borrowers. It also found that most Latino borrowers get their mortgages from non-bank mortgage companies and not from banks

NCRC Condemns HUD’s Disparate Impact Rule

The Trump Administration has attacked one of the most vital pieces of civil rights legislation, the Fair Housing Act, on multiple fronts in the last several weeks. They gutted the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule that enforces fairness in housing. Now, they are effectively eliminating the disparate impact standard in fair housing cases.