Jason Richardson and Josh Silver

Small business lending data is the iceberg in our economic ocean

In September 2018, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) released the results of a survey of 1,200 banks on small business lending in America. It found that small business lending is threatened by the decline of smaller banks and the reduction of bank branches in many communities. But just as revealing was what the survey didn’t find. More information that would be essential for policy and regulatory decisions remains concealed, invisible to the public.

Jad Edlebi

GIS Data Engineer, Research jedlebi@ncrc.org 202-393-8305 (Photo) Jad serves as GIS Data Engineer in NCRC’s Research team. He is originally from New York City. Prior to joining NCRC, he worked as a Mapping Technician to Cruise Automation in San Francisco, digitizing interactive environments for autonomous vehicles. He has also held various GIS-focused internships within New …

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NCRC leaders testify on BB&T/SunTrust merger

National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) President and CEO urged more lending and better service for low- and moderate-income communities (LMI) in remarks they made at two recent hearings on the proposed merger between BB&T Bank Corporation and SunTrust Banks, Inc.

City Limits: The displacement dangers of the Trump-Democrat infrastructure deal

In the week since President Trump and Congressional Democratic leaders announced a vague agreement to pursue a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, more than one note of doubt has been sounded. Depending on how the plan is structured, people in America’s rural areas (who arguably need more of an economic boost than anyone else) could be left out.

Slate: Gentrification got gentrified

On April 30, Cheryl Davila and Ben Bartlett told their colleagues on the Berkeley City Council that the city should draft “rules and regulations to halt the loss of people of color including the African Americans” and develop a “right of return” for Berkeley residents of color who have been displaced but would like to come back.